Site-specific project INS(P)ITE OF FIRE
Kosancicev venac 12, Belgrade, Serbia, 2005.

SITE-SPECIFIC PROJECT INS(P)ITE THE FIRE, interactive proces of memory examining, archaeological location: Kosancicev venac, Belgrade, Serbia

The project consists of site-specific workshop, 4 public lectures, two exhibitions, street happenings and two final evening performances at the archaeological site Kosancicev Venac. This archaeological site near the Belgrade centre is the place which offers different town-history layers: remains of the Roman bad from I century and remains of National library which was bombed during the second world war. During that bombarding 1 500 000 books were burned (around 1200 old Slavic manuscripts and unique-books). Today this site is ruined and deserted and the wish was to reclaim this "forgotten" space through art.

Project author: Dragan Stojcevski
Program authors: Tatjana Vukosavljevic, Svetlana Volic, Maja Mirkovic, Mirjana Kraguljac, Irena Ilic, Tomas Zizka, Dragan Stojcevski, Zoran Tosic