"The Angels of Metropolitan palace"
site-specific project, Belgrade Fortress, Remains of Metropolitan palace, 2007.

Project authors: Svetlana Volic and Tatjana Vukosavljevic
Photography and prints author: Svetlana Volic
Video authors: Svetlana Volic ana Tatjana Vukosavljevic
Scape scout: Tatjana Vukosavljevic
Construction: Grozdana Sisovic
Producer: JP Beogradska tvrdjava
Technical production: Marko Radenkovic
Project was part of the programme of European Heritage Days manifestation "Water - Sense of duration"

With this site-specific project we hoped to draw attention to this valuable archeological site and the possibilities it proffers as a background for cultural events, which have up until now not been availed upon. The architectural remains of the palace and its situation on the Danube slope make an ideal backdrop for various forms of artistic expression.

pdf catalogue of the exhibition

evening opening-event

performer at the opening: Nemanja Marinkovic
conducted by Dusica Knezevic