Performance: A PROFILE, site-specific project KRSTAC
village Krstac, Montenegro, 2003.
Site-specific art is which exists in, and is created for, a specific space, from which it adopts or draws its meanings. As opposed to the implantation of a cultural event into an attractive environment, site-specific projects highlight the very characteristic of their environment; the work exists in dialogue and specific interaction with its authentic space.


A place that has been forgotten. A place whose indentity has been shaped by time, fashioned by the influence of passing, dilapidation, of demolition. An ambience that holds memories of human presence, fragments of the past. Such is a place that holds memory.

The site where past, present and nature - in all their strenght and beauty - meet, is the site that gives birth to posibility, the site which artist shall never stop dreaming of and expecting from...