Site-specific project: The Prophets of Alphabet
multi-site-specific project; Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria; 2007.

The project is inspired by the historical journey of St.Constatin (Cyril) and St. Methodus, who created the first script for Old Slavonic—the glagolic (cyrilic) alphabet — the deep roots of Slavic literacy and identity. The Prophets of Alphabet project freely retraces the steps of St. Cyril and St. Methodus, in travelling through several central European and Balkan countries, and interacting with local communities through a combination of art and ethnographic methods to create a multi-site-specific project, which not only evolves with every community visited, but also connects the participants across national boundaries. The project resulted in an interactive multimedia mosaic of visuals, stories, songs and local interpretations of the glagolic alphabet. The iconography and meanings attached to the glagolic script reflect the connections and differences of human experiences, community traditions, nationalities and cultural heritage of the participating countries. These projects draw on the specificity of each locality, its genius loci, culture, history and topography, and always involve local communities, as well as artists and experts in ethnology, sociology, psychology and journalism. The site-specific projects consisted of a variety of forms: story-telling, film and photography, sculpture and installation, performance, recording and publishing the outcome in print or multimedia format.
The project is focused on close collaboration with communities, using new digital media in expressing ideas, appreciating and respecting local traditions, history, and craftsmanship. We perceive the richness of each community in its complex and unique human experience and differing local lifestyles.

Artists and experts involved in the Prophets of Alphabet project are:

Diana Ivanova, Bulgaria, journalist (interviews, research in oral history of local communities)

Kalin Janev, Bulgaria, psychologist (community research, web design)

Jasmina Bialovik, Macedonia, cultural organiser (contemporary trends in art, communication)

Svetlana Volic, Serbia, visual artist (site-specific projects, video and installation)

Katerina Ailova, Czech Republic, cultural antropologist (local traditions, art and iconography)

Stanislav Miler, Czech Republic, multimedia (production of interactive media)

Martin Janicek, Czech Republic, artist (interactive site-specific projects, sound and installation) 

Tomas Zizka, Czech Republic, artist (theatre, social animator, organizer of community projects)

Massimo Catalfo, Italy, multimedia artist (creating multimedia presentation)


During our journey we visited an abandoned monastery in Romania, Lake Skadarsko, lived in a family atmosphere in a villages, and visited cities in Vojvodina and Macedonia. We celebrated a Cyril – Methodian ceremony at the Goat Milk Festival in the Bulgarian heights of the Old Plateau. We were present at the birth of Glagolick dictatorships, and at a publishing house in Belgrade, we led intellectual debates. We always took pains to connect with the local communities, as well as local experts from the areas of ethnology, sociology, psychology and journalism. For communication purposes we used the new digital media as well as community building games. We recorded the entire Balkan trip using GPS, broadcasted our observations via radio, and daily uploaded reportage in the form of text and pictures to the web. The team members created an interactive video archive from the material, which served a form of presenting the project during the journey. Users/pilgrims now have the opportunity to travel in the footsteps of the Prophets of Alphabet in the structured stories we have created.