What are atypical premises?
These are premises where the usefulness for the society is no longer there, where the original purpose disappeared in the course of time and where life dropped out of sight to implement elsewhere current demands and preferences. Deserted and empty spaces deteriorate but they might, possibly thanks to its atmosphere, provoke artistic expressions or sociocultural manifestations. We refer to old assembly halls, protected as industrial monuments, or to churches, chapels, monastery yards, abandoned engine houses, hangars, old railway stations halls, farmhouses, barns, villages… Buildings where it would be a pity or even a breach of law to tear them down. New projects are searched for, new utilisation, reincarnation, resurrection… Can’t they become new public places?

Space and time
These sites must bring artistic inspirations, they live on singularity of the moment, they are defined on the grounds of a specific time and space. Happenings, action art, performance, land art, events, symposia, workshops… Activities associated with an authentic situation, an original shared experience.
A type of communication where the term “site specific“ has been used for their description: Industrial (water purification plant, assembly halls, waterworks, warehouses, garages), sacral (monasteries, churches, chapels, cathedrals), open air (quarries, caverns, woods, amphitheatre), museum-type (galleries, exhibition halls, castles, châteaux, museums), rural (pubs, barns, farm houses, villages, gyms)

Approach to the premises
Artists have various approaches to site specific alternatives.
Some come up with an idea, a vision or concept and they look for a space to implement it. The space itself is a type of authentic scenery for them.
Others come to the site, to the premises without any preparation. The work itself is born only trough communication with the space, the space is a partner, the space provides for a motif of the event.

Theatrical performance as a virtuoso to control time.
Deserted sites offer their memories. Imprints of human life revelation. Staying there refreshes perception, it recovers sensitivity to intuitive information, it provokes ability of tuning to something beyond words, to something out there you cannot name.
„Being industrious in exercising senses to view correctly differences between things means to lay the foundations of all wisdom, it teaches wise rhetoric and all wise steps in life.“(J.A.Comenius)