Svetlana Volic

NON FINITO, Passageway no. 2: where the world end

she Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade


  Listen interview on radio show "Klub 2" (Radio Beograd 2, author Ranko Stojilovic)) experiences from my Art residency in New Orleans, USA (serbian language) >>> www.svetlanavolic.in.rs/files/Klub 2_2014-01-10-Svetlana Volic.mp3

October 7-November 16, 2013, ArtsLInk Residency program. Residency Host ArtSpot Production, New Orleans
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Exhibition Visual Mash Up, Joan Mitchell Center Gallery, New Orleans, USA, November 2013


Architecture of Memory/Inner Landscape, exhibition by Nina Todorovic and Svetlana Volic, Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin, Serbia, June 24 - July 12, 2013.


September 27-28, 2012. Svetlana Volic"s installation "Presence" at Water Tower Art Fest on the road, Veliko Trnovo, Bulgaria


SOLO EHIBITION PRESENCE, August 16 - September 3, 2012, "Prodajna Galerija Beograd", Belgrade, Serbia


January 19th, 2012 at 7:30pm, Espace Hyperion, Québec City, Canada
La Minute Vidéo Folie/Culture 2011: BRING OUT YOUR DEAD
public presentation

november 9-25, 2011. Svetlana Volic"s installation "Presence" at the Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary art in Sofia, Bulgaria. Exhibition is part of Water Tower Art Fest 2011, within the Experimental month of Photography *Photo by Water Tower Art Fest


October 2011. Svetlana Volic"s installation "Presence" at Traveling Exhibition of WTAF, Troyan, Bulgaria


Video installation "Presence"  at Water Tower Fest, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011.


Interview with Svetlana Volic
Curator Simone Kraft
Exhibition Getting physical STIER | ZEMKE | VOLIC, Mannheim, Germany, 2011

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  October 9 – November 4, 2011 - Exhibition Getting physical: STIER | ZEMKE | VOLIC
Opening 08.10.11, 18h, Art Space for contemporary video art in Mannheim, Germany

June 24-30, 2011 - I have exhibited at Water Tower Fest in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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video installation "Presence"
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In past few years I have been working on several levels, exploring and developing together with different colleagues specific way of thinking and art practise. The similar interests and goals connected people from different backgrounds: performing arts, visual arts, anthropology, sociology, culture, history, education…. All actions were realized trough projects and workshops in the wide framework of site-specific art and community art in the conditions of rural or urban surrounding.
The main aim was to stimulate interest in the environmental or architectural heritage of the specific localities, by asking the audience to re-look at sites in a new way, around ideas of society, community, history, private or public space. The work is created and presented in direct response to the social environment, transcribing histories, memories, textures and functions into art.
Each action functions like flexible self-organized system in which on the beginning few attractors develops connections between attracted community of artist and other professionals, different institutions, people from the local community (inhabitants, local NGO, local authorities…) and in various type of interactions the process grows and creates results. The focus is on the process more than result; it is sensitive, risky, unpredictable experiment that creates its own form, as result of numerous combination and interactions between involved elements.
The artistic products are happenings, performances, installations in the public space, CD-ROM presentations, video art or documentary films…

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