Svetlana Volic visual artist
  • Works in various media: video-installations, photography, site-specific projects, painting, scene-design and graphic design.

  • - Born on the October 11th 1974. in Belgrade, Serbia
  • - Graduated from The Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, painting department, 1999.
  • - Finished post-graduate studies at the same Faculty, 2002.
  • - She is currently assistant professor and PhD student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.
  • - Fellow of the Serbian Republic Foundation for Young Scientists and Artists from 1996-1999.
  • - Post-graduate studies sponsored by Royal Norwegian Embassy Belgrade
  • - Member of ULUS (Fine Artist's Association of Serbia) since 2000.
  • - Member of the BELEF’s council (Belgrade Summer Festival), 2005-2006. 
  • - CEC ArtsLink Residency Fellow, New York, USA, 2013

    Realized 14 Solo-exhibitions. Since 1997. she participated in more than 50 group exhibitions and many workshops and festivals in country and abroad (Serbia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Canada, Germany and USA). >> see list of ehxibitions

    She collaborated with teams of visual artists, dancers, musicians, and other art specialists on many contemporary independent and experimental art projects. Some of these projects were created as a collective performances in collaboration with the Mamapapa company (Czech Republic).

    Her main interest in recent years is the creation of
    VIDEO INSTALLATIONS. In different indoor and outdoor public spaces she has created a special environments using the form of video installations. Particularly explores the possibilities of video projections on different materials, parts, and constructions.
    see >>
    my video installation at Water Tower Art Fest
    She has made also a great number of video installation and VJ-ing for theatre performances in Serbia and abroad.

    see >> my video installation for performance Spring Awakening


    In the past few years she has worked on several levels, exploring and developing together with different colleagues specific way of thinking and art practise. The similar interests and goals connected people from different backgrounds: performing arts, visual arts, anthropology, sociology, history, education…. All actions were realized trough projects and workshops in the wide framework of site-specific art and community art in the conditions of rural or urban surrounding. The main aim was to stimulate interest in the environmental or architectural heritage of the specific localities, by asking the audience to re-look at sites in a new way, around ideas of society, community, history, private or public space. The work is created and presented in direct response to the social environment, transcribing histories, memories, textures and functions into art.
    The artistic products are happenings, performances, installations in the public space, CD-ROM presentations, video-art or documentary films…
    She was author of site-specific project
    "The Angels of Metropolitan palace" see >>, which took place on the ruins of the Metropolitan Palace at Belgrade Fortress, 2007. The main objective of the project was to draw attention to this forgotten historical space and the possibilities it proffers as a background for cultural events. Inspired by the space and its history she has created a special environment: Large format prints were implemented in the rest of the architecture, the space was lit stage and on the slopes above the city were projected video animation.

    She participated in the project
    "PROPHETS OF ALPHABET: Retracing the Cyrilic Iconography" see >> , international multi-site-specific project, which took place in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Project was presented on Prague quadrennial in Prague, Czech Republic, 2007, 2008.
    “The Prophets of Alphabet project freely retraces the steps of St. Cyril and St. Methodus, in traveling through several central European and Balkan countries, and interacting with local communities through a combination of art and ethnographic methods to create a multi-site-specific project, which not only evolves with every community visited, but also connects the participants across national boundaries.”

    She participated in the Site-specific project
    “Scene Design 02 - site: Krstac” see >> which took place in village Krstac in Montenegro. It was presented in 9th International Exhibition of Architecture, LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA”, pavilion of Serbia and Montenegro, Venice, Italy, 2004.


    She took part in workshop "Theatre Projection Techniques: Procession of Icons", Ohrid, Macedonia, 2006. The workshop was held by MAPA (The Moving Academy for Performing Art is a post-graduate, mobile training programme dedicated to the professionalization of young, innovative artists in the field of theatre).
    She studied in scene design at Interdisciplinary studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade.
    She has made several video installation and vj-ing for theatre performances in Serbia and abroad.


    She participated in a long-term artistic project “Gral- Library of wonders”.
    The Library of Wonders project means a specific visual exploration based on an interaction of visual arts and literary texts. It has been for years a visual artists’ successful dialogue with the titles published within the series GRAL of the CLIO Publishing House in Belgrade. “The project is based on an ever present problem of the modern art, perceived widely as the relationship between visual and verbal expression, between visual art and literary text, and it has resulted in a number of comprehensive, professionaly made visual works of art”…
    In recent years is artistic director and designer in CLIO. Many of her photographs and designs were published in book covers.

    She made also video installations for two exhibition dedicated to famous serbian writers: “One writer festival 2009 – Secrets of Momčilo Nastasijevic see >> and “One writer festival - Stanislav Vinaver”, 2007.see >> which were held in Belgrade Cultural centre.